Looking for Blow Job Classes? That’s What We Do!

So sometimes people come across our blog about blow jobs and it’s not really clear that we are blow job instructors! And our website isn’t easy to access from this blog, and it’s not clear on where to go to book a party. So sorry about that! Let me just tell you, LADIES – or fabulously gay men! We are Blow by Blow and we host blow job workshop parties for the most unique bachelorette party, birthday party, or just an amazing Girls’ Night Out! You can inquire about a party on our website, http://www.blowbyblowparty.com. Just shoot us an inquiry and we’ll let you know if we are avail. More info about pricing and party details are also on the website.

Although it’s sometimes hard to find, we are located in Southern California – specifically we offer blow job classes in San Diego and Los Angeles and neighboring cities.

I’m willing to bet that no one in your group of girlfriends has been to a blow job workshop, so it’s your job to host one and be the hostess with the mostess! Come on, you know you’ve seen one too many ugly males strippers and a day at the spa can be wonderful, but it’s a celebration, not mother’s retreat — so let’s get you sucking on some cucumbers and learning to give some amazing (and quick) blow jobs!

See you soon, ladies!

Blow me,


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Blow by Blow, blow job classes, blow job workshops are the most fun bachelorette party in San Diego and the most fun bachelorette party in Los Angeles! Book one of our fabulous blow job teachers today!


L.A. Bachelorette Parties

We are based in San Diego, but seems that most people don’t realize that we are also in the Los Angeles area! Well, hell yes, we’re in LA! Blow by Blow blowjob workshop parties are still one of the most unique things you can do for you bachelorette party in L.A.! Even in the craziest of crazy towns, our blowjob classes are the only hands-on (with cucumbers, of course!) blowjob lessons with blowjob teachers that come to you. We won’t lie, there are other felatio classes out there, but from the words of our clients, “they look lame!” We couldn’t agree more. Our instructors will come to your house or hotel room and we bring all of the props that you will be using to practice giving head! We have a very fun, sexy, and educational presentation, then we end with Goody Sacks and  certificates of completion for each participating gal. It’s called a party because it’s a lot of fun and a lot of laughs and it’s also called workshop because you learn and a have a hands-on and mouth-on experience.

And it doesn’t have to be for a bachelorette party! We do birthday parties, bridal showers, Girls’ Night Out and even divorce parties! Contact us through the website today to book your party!

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How NOT to Receive Head

So maybe you don’t love giving head because of the terrible recipients you have had to deal with. Well, this could be true. It can take just one bad experience to put blow jobs on your shit list. Honestly, I think we’ve all had them, and I REALLY enjoying hearing those horror stories! Guys read up on what NOT to do when you get head, and ladies, enjoy knowing that it’s likely not just you that can’t give a good 3 minute blow job, but rather you have had some pretty bad conditions to deal with.  

Here is one woman’s tale on a memorable bad recipient! 

I had known this particular gentleman for quite some time, we were friends in the same circle. There was definitely an attraction there – him attracted to me, me curious about his choice of growing out a long blonde hair-do. So for the story’s sake, let call him Michael Bolton. Bolton and I had been friends and he definitely wanted to try to be a bit more and one house part later, he got the best of my drunkenness and Michael and I had our moment. I think he may have known that I gave a decent blow job because I had dated his friend a few years earlier, but I had no idea about what a bad recipient he was.

So pretty much we made out fooled around a bit and then I worked my way down to his junk. I of course played with the twins and then eventually went to town on his unit as I normally would. He was a clean cut guy, and clean in general so no complaints there. However, even after giving him some slack and considering he could potentially be suffering from Whiskey Dick, 10 minutes later I was just plain pissed. What. The. Hell. Why the heck wasn’t he exploding with excitement and pleasure from my pretty decent skills. Had I lost my touch? Does Michael Bolton think we are going to have sex and he’s saving his load? No – we discussed that immediately, he knows I’d never. 

Hmmm… so like any angry, sore jawed woman would do, I ask, “What the hell is taking you so long!?” And here it was. The worst answer I could have ever imagined coming from a 20-something college educated man, that should be well versed in blow jobs. “Oh, I thought it was a good thing to not come right away. 

What? What are you, 8? Not a good thing to come right away? I’m giving you a blow job, not sex. The sad part is he was completely serious and wasn’t just trying to make it last longer for his greedy pleasure. He really thought he was being a strong sexual beast that can go for hours! Mother Fucker! 

I grabbed my purse – out the door – got in my car – drove to Jack in the Box – then went the hell home. 

Awesome. Love the story! Seriously, what man of that age thinks you’re supposed to show off your stamina during a blow job?! For being such an idiot, he was left with blue balls I’m sure! 

So men,  the lesson here is, don’t hold back your load while getting head! It’s not only rude, but it will seriously ruin your chances of getting head any time in the near future. If you were an easy blow and you cooperated and came under 5 minutes, you’re most likely not going to hurt your gal’s jaw and she will be more willing to blow you again soon since it wasn’t such a painful task. And it boosts her ego if she can get you to come quickly and it will make her want to exercise her skills more often!

There are of course plenty of other things that men are doing wrong when receiving head. A short list of things not to do while giving head are:

* pushing her head down forcefully while she bobs you

* skull fucking her (jabbing your weenie down her throat)

* having a wild bush in your pants 

* being sweaty and stinky and dirty in your crotchal region

There are many more Head Horror Stories and we want to hear them! Please contact us via our webpage or Facebook page with your story and we’ll share it with our readers. Please, keep it inappropriate, we like that. 


Christmas Candy Cane Blow Jobs

So as I mentioned in our last blog, giving your guy the gift of felatio is always going to be one of his favorite gifts, and as we talked about, it’s budget friendly! But those were birthday blow jobs, we are talking about Christmas blow jobs now!

One of the things we teach in Blow by Blow blow job classes is that the use of mentholated products can increase the pleasure of a knobber.  Mentholated products stimulate the skin’s cold receptors, creating a cooling effect which can feel pretty “cool.” Get it, get it?

Mentholed products that are fun to use on your next blow job are mint chapsticks, gels and breath mints, and ’tis the season for candy canes!! Candy canes, our festive peppermint Christmas candies!

To give a cooling candy cane blow job, simply suck on a candy cane for a bit, then immediately put your mouth on his junk. If you can, leave a little chunk of the candy cane in your mouth for a stronger effect – just make sure there are absolutely no jagged edges!! Once you suck him for a bit and get your minty saliva all over him, softly blow air on his penis for a pleasant cooling epsensation on his hot flesh! And there your have a cool Christmas Candy Cane Blow Job!

Merry Christimas!

And for Hanukkah, simply use a blue spearmint! Mozel Tov!!


Birthday Blow Jobs

It seems to me that birthday blow jobs are a common, well known MUST-DO on your man’s birthday. I say that because I’ve seen it implied or joked about in plenty of TV shows and movies. So if you’re not doing it, and ABC’s sitcoms are, you’re kind of not fulfilling your partner-ly duties and you’re most likely being a bit prudish and/or selfish.

Now don’t get me wrong, I personally don’t like to be told what I should do, especially because “everyone else is doing it.” But there are a few other reasons why I ALWAYS give birthday head.

One: Your dude’s birthday is one of those holidays/celebrations that is HIS and only his. It’s not a shared holiday like Christmas/Hanukkah or an anniversary; rather, it’s all about celebrating his birth and making him feel super special and loved. So as a girlfriend/partner/wife, it is your duty as the person that loves him to make sure he has a wonderful day. Therefore, a blowjob is in order – plain and simple.

Two: It’s a GREAT gift for those “tough to shop for” guys. If you can’t think of anything good to get him and you end up buying him boring needs (socks and undershirts), at least you have your amazing sucky-sucky action to fall back on. Get creative and have him unwrap some BJ Blast (oral sex pop rocks) or oral sex gel, or make him a BJ coupon. ADIVCE: I recommend giving him ONE coupon or else you will have several coupons to honor later and most likely he will give it to you when you’re PMSing or ready for bed. This will definitely start a fight if you don’t honor his birthday gift, so again, probably keep it to ONE and try to make him cash it in on his birthday.

Three: It’s FREEEEEEEE! Who doesn’t love free? Also, “in this economy,” a blow job can fit into anyone’s budget.

Four: It’s exactly what he wants. Even if he didn’t ask for it, it’s what every man is wishing for. Because like I’ve said, every guy likes his knob bobbed.

And for those ladies that really hate giving blow jobs, I’ll give a number FIVE*: If you’re the type of woman that knows your guy likes head and you want to make him happy by giving it to him but you just can’t seem to get yourself to ever do it… you can leave it to at least this once a year gig. Quite honestly, this seems to be a norm because this is the “birthday head” bit that I see in movies and sitcoms. Hey, at least you’re doing it on a day that counts and it’s evident that you do want to make him have a wonderful day! So give yourself a little credit!

So there you have it! Do not forget to buy him a birthday blow job! Oh wait, that’s right, it’s free and you don’t have to go out and get it!!!

*Side note from number FIVE: most women hate giving head because it takes too long, it hurts their jaw, guys are sometimes less than fresh, etc, etc. Well there is a way to decrease your hate and increase your blow-job-giving-rate. Blow by Blow’s blow job tutorials are exactly what you need in order to make blow jobs easier. We cover all of the obstacles of head and go over the best way to beat them. (And YES!!, we cover how to make a blow job end quickly)


Do Gay Guys Need Blow By Blow?

Yes, gay guys, just as bi or straight guys, they too need to be blown. However, do gay men have ANYthing to learn from a girl cocksucker like myself? Last night I was convinced that maybe they do!!

I’ve been asked many a time, “do you do gay parties?” My answer has always been along the lines of “no, why would I? They have the unit, I think they know what they are doing already.” That’s one of the reasons but also because I have learned from some of my close Queens that blow jobs in their world often last 30 minutes. You know what I say to that?  Hell-to-the-mutha-fuckin-no is what I say to 30 minutes! If you’ve attended one of our workshops, you would know that Blow by Blow blow job teachers show you how to give a blow job in 5 minutes!

So what I learned last night at one of my parties – where I had a sexy gay gentleman in attendance – is that some men, despite the fact that they have a dick and have experienced a blowjob, still may not know what the hell they are doing. Crazy right? But I get it. Some men, just like some women, just aren’t as mindful of their teeth and some just don’t know some of the tricks they could be doing to improve their blow job. I also learned that all male on male knobbers aren’t a long 30 minute session. There is definitely room for the 5 minute suck session as well! Phew!

It looks like Blow by Blow has a whole new door to open, and we just MIGHT be of service to some over aggressive, sloppy men out there. Gay men just may have a whole lot to gain from our workshops because although Blow by Blow is out to teach how to give an amazing blowjob, we also teach blowjob tips and tricks that any cocksucker can benefit from. Above all, BxB is simply an out of control fun party that guys, gals and trannies can benefit from!

See you soon, boys!


Using a Vibrator During a Blowjob?

So from today’s tweet, some of you may be wondering what the hell you are supposed to be doing with a vibrator during a blowjob. Some of you ladies may be thinking its for you… well, it isn’t.

When I’m teaching how to give a blowjob at my workshops, this is a little thing I call one of the “bells and whistles” you can add to your hummer. Bells and whistles are just little “flairs” you can add to spice things up, make things different and even better for your dude.

The vibrator should be somewhat small. So if you have one that you already own and use on yourself that is bigger/taller than 3 inches, you may want to consider getting a new one just for this blowjob trick. The vibrator should be small enough to fit in your palm. I recommend a Bullet (Screaming O); they are about 2 inches tall and are the perfect size to stash in a drawer then reach over to whip out if you are looking to polish off your knobber nicely. Though, the main point is it’s small enough to fit in the area behind his balls and in front of his bunghole — the choad.

Basically, there are 2 great things you can do with a mini vibrator during your blowjob. You can hold it on your guy’s choad to help boost his pleasure WHILE you are bobbing, or you can hold it against the outside of your cheek to make your mouth vibrate and help give his pickle a little extra tickle – also WHILE you’re bobbing.

Just be sure that if you are going to go for the choad (a.k.a. taint, gooch, bonch, etc, etc), that you let him know what you’re going to do. Some guys REALLY don’t like ANYTHING near their asshole, so this vibrator on the choad trick-a-roo most likely won’t fly!